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What is it?

Otherwise known as Lasix or Generic Frusemide, Diurin is a diuretic (water pill) that prevents the body from absorbing too much salt thus permitting the salt to pass through urine. This increase of urine allows the body to get rid of excess water. Diurin is prescribed to treat high blood pressure as well as fluid retention It treats fluid retention in people who suffer from liver disease, kidney disease and congestive heart failure. Diurin is also used to treat high blood pressure and helps improve symptoms which contribute to the prevention of kidney problems, heart attacks and strokes.


Diurin should be stored in a light resistant container away from heat, light and moisture at room temperature. Diurin is taken usually once or twice a day, with or without food. Nevertheless the medication must be taken exactly as prescribed as doses differ from person to person. If a dose is missed, take it immediately however if it’s nearly time for the next dose, skip the dose and wait for the next scheduled one. Children should not consume doses greater than 6mg per kg of body weight. It is recommended it be taken 4 hours before bedtime as if it is taken to close to bedtime, you may need to wake up and urinate.

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It is important that the doctor is fully aware of the patient’s medical history and must be alerted if the patient suffers from kidney disease, inability to urinate, gout, lupus, diabetes, liver disease or is allergic to sulfa drugs. In this case, dose adjustments may be necessary and tests might be done.

To ensure the drug will not cause harmful effects, blood must be tested regularly and so may kidney and liver function. Taking this drug will make the patient urinate often and get dehydrated easily. It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions regarding salt and potassium in diet as well as the amount of liquids drunk throughout the course. Furthermore, regardless of how well the patient is feeling, it is important to keep taking Diurin as high blood pressure usually shows no symptoms. To add, using Diurin while pregnant or breast feeding may be harmful to the baby so consultation with a doctor is necessary in this situation.

Side Effects

Diurin may cause some side effects. Sever side effects may include drowsiness, hearing problems, uneven heartbeat, dry mouth, nausea, appetite loss, vomiting, muscle weakness, stomach pain, easy bruising, easy bleeding, blistering, skin rash, jaundice, dark urine and clay-colored stools. Less serious side effects may include blurred vision, headache, numbness, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation and dizziness.

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Emergency attention must be sought if an overdose has occurred. The symptoms of an overdose may include dizziness, confusion, fainting, weakness, ringing in the ears and loss of appetite. Seek medical help if signs of an allergic reaction occur which may include hives, swelling lips, tongue, throat or face and difficulty breathing.