How to Take Soma

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Soma is usually prescribed to be taken three times a day during the daytime when taking either the 250 mg or the 350 mg tablet. Another tablet is taken at bedtime. The muscle relaxer should only be taken up to two to three weeks because of its habit-forming characteristic.

The best thing to do is follow your doctor’s prescription to the letter, immediately raising concerns or uncertainties about the dosage during your appointment. This means that you should not ingest it in larger amounts or for longer a duration than recommended. Keep your prescription at hand. Call your doctor or pharmacist if you still have concerns even after leaving their office or pharmacy. Make sure that when you do take your Soma tablet, you take it with a full glass of water. Follow even this bit of detail because Soma may have some negative effects on your liver or kidney.

After Missing a Dose

If you miss a dose and you remember it not long after missing it, take it immediately. However, if it is already almost time for your next scheduled dose, you should just skip it completely. Do not take an extra tablet to compensate for a missed one.

You might also further discuss this matter to your doctor. He may tell you if it is possible for you to take a weaker pain reliever when you’ve missed a dose of Soma. If this is not possible, you can ask for what he can recommend as a natural way of relieving pain. Of course, you could always wait for the next dose of Soma because you do have to take it four times a day. A few hours of pain may be manageable enough, depending on what your condition is.

Possible Side Effects

Soma is a strong pain reliever and muscle relaxer. So, some patients may experience mild to serious symptoms.

You may be familiar enough with the signs of an allergic reaction: hives, trouble breathing and swollen face, throat, tongue and/or lips. Soma does not usually trigger serious allergic reactions but it is still better to err on the side of caution. Therefore, you must immediately call for medical help if you experience these allergic symptoms or any of the serious symptoms to be tackled below.

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Serious side effects include agitation/extreme anxiety, confusion, palpitations, numbness, paralysis, seizures, vision loss or fainting/lightheadedness. These may be mere side effects or they could already be signs of an overdose. So, you have to act quickly.

There are also some less serious side effects, such as drowsiness, headache, dizziness, irritableness, blurry vision, depression, insomnia, tremor, hiccups, vomiting, nausea and upset stomach. Consult your doctor if these side effects bother you and if you can do anything to relieve them without having to give up on Soma. Your doctor may also decide whether you should stop taking the drug completely or at least have your dosage adjusted according to your symptoms’ severity and duration.

While the list above may seem extensive, it is not complete. There may be other side effects that may feel unusual or at least bothersome to you. Make sure you report them immediately by calling 1-800-FDA-1088. If nobody else has complained of the symptoms you are experiencing, you will definitely help the Food and Drug Administration to update their list. However, you have to make sure that what you are experiencing is from Soma itself. Be fully aware of possible other causes of the symptoms.

Possible Addiction

Soma may be habit-forming. So, it is best to take it within the two to three weeks limit only. Because of this, it is more suitable to temporary pain, such as those caused by injury or surgery wounds.

In cases when the patient actually makes prolonged use of the drug, the cessation should be gradual. Instead of abruptly stopping your medication, you should ask your doctor for advice on how to slowly reduce the dosage until you are no longer taking Soma. Abrupt cessation may cause withdrawal symptoms, which will be far from pleasant. Soma is best used under the strict supervision of a doctor.

Usage and Legal Status

So, how do countries respond to the possible habit-forming qualities of Soma (generic name: Carisoprodol)? In the United States, carisoprodol is considered a Schedule IV according to the Controlled Substances Act. This scheduling was only made effective last January 11, 2012. A Schedule IV means that the drug component is generally accepted as a medical treatment. Carisoprodol, according to more recent studies, does have potential to be abused but it is lower compared to that of drugs under Schedules I, II and III.

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Sign of Overdose

Overdose is another problem that you may encounter if you take too much during a short period of time. It is good to know the signs of Soma overdose so that you can get yourself, or someone else who is taking the drug, emergency medical assistance as soon as possible.

You may have overdosed if you are experiencing symptoms, such as shallow breathing and palpitations. You may also feel confused, see things, feel faint or even go through a convulsion.

Seizures may also occur. However, based on studies, seizures usually occur when the patient has been abusing not just Soma but other substances, as well, such as illegal drugs and/or alcohol. This is why it is important that a person who has had history of drug or substance abuse not be allowed to take Soma in the first place.

What to do during an overdose

If you suspect that you have overdosed or are actually experiencing symptoms of overdose, seek medical help right away. Do the same if you feel as if someone in the same household is experiencing an overdose. If you are alone and experiencing the overdose, call the nearest hospital. It would be good if you have its number on speed dial. If someone can drive the person suffering from overdose to the nearest hospital, that could also be a possible course of action.

Precautions to Take

When taking Soma, you should not take other medications or substances that can further make you drowsy, such as cold medicines, anti-allergy drugs, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills, narcotics/pain medicine, seizure medicine, and other muscle relaxers. You should also avoid drinking alcohol.

When taking Soma for the first time, observe side effects. Know if the drug can impair your movements or reaction time. Refrain from undertaking potentially dangerous activities unless you are sure that you can handle them while medicated with Soma. Soma, after all, has sedative effects and is best used during wound recovery. If the drug is taken during the period of injury or surgery recovery, chances are the patient will be on bed rest or at least not allowed to exert himself. While you don’t have to go on bed rest, it does help to be on the safe side. You may even ask someone to accompany you when traveling. Have someone pick you up or at least take a cab when getting around.

Why is it important to be extra careful while taking Soma? Well, the drug has sedative properties, which makes it difficult for most if not all patients to normally react mentally and physically. For example, someone driving while still feeling the effects of Soma will have higher chances of becoming involved in an accident because of the slower reflexes.

Discontinuation of the Drug

If you are about to discontinue taking the drug after prolonged use, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. If you are feeling some bothersome symptoms after stopping Soma use, you must immediately consult your doctor. Abrupt cessation may cause withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia, headaches and stomach cramps.

However, if you are experiencing some serious side effects while taking the drug, stop taking it immediately and call for medical assistance. You need to be checked right away if your symptoms are more than merely bothersome.

How to Store Soma

Soma, as with most other drugs, must be stored in a cold, dry place, out of reach of children and out of direct contact with sunlight. You may also place the tablets in a child-resistant container that has been thoroughly dried with a clean hand towel right after washing. Store the tablets at room temperature. Make sure that the drug container is properly labeled to avoid other people from taking the tablets by mistake. The drug should not be taken by people to whom it has not been prescribed. It is worth noting that it is actually illegal for you or anyone to share the drug to someone who has not been prescribed with Soma.

How to Discard Soma

Make sure that you discard the drug when it has already expired or if you no longer need it. It is best to contact your local waste disposal company or even your pharmacist to find how best to dispose leftover Soma tablets. You should not flush the tablets down the toilet. You should not throw them at places where they could be found by anyone who may ingest it, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. It takes a little bit of responsibility to discard Soma properly. It is, after all, a drug that must be handled carefully and not be shared to anyone who does not need it.